Life Is Such…

“Maybe The Journey Isn’t So Much About Becoming Anything. Maybe It’s About Unbecoming Everything That Isn’t Really You, So You Can Be Who You Were Meant To Be In The First Place. -Paul Coelho

Every once in a while I get this urge to do something crazy, something unexpected, something sooo not Qui. I start brainstorming on what I like, what I love, and most importantly, what can I afford. And when I say afford, I don’t mean in monetary value. What can my reputation afford? What will this simple action of freedom do to my life? How will I recover from the negative responses, accusations, and trials?

THEN…I start thinking all over again. This time my thoughts lie in, WHO am I? WHOSE am I? And most importantly, who am I trying to become. This is where my life starts changing…

I’m always telling people “live your life, do you – forget them”. Because I mean, let’s face it, damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Other people will never be satisfied with every decision I make right? So why not live for me and just make the freakin choice already. Why am I so content with just thinking of all the things I want to do instead of actually doing them? That list of things just gets longer while I sit. waddle. ponder. I’m stuck in unrecognizable spot. I know this isn’t where I want to be or where I belong. So today and this point forward I’m choosing Qui. In the most selfish, but oddly selfless way possible.

Life is Such…A Journey.

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