Life Is Such…

“You are responsible for how you allow your circumstances to make you feel.”

El Struggle de Life. I’m not sure how my my Spanglish translates but y’all get the jest of it. This past weekend wasn’t crazy busy. But it did a number on me mentally, physically, and emotionally. I found myself weak & exhausted by Sunday morning. So I took off on Monday to rest. Came back to work on Tuesday only to leave with a massive headache, and feeling as if I got nothing done.

As another day has come to an end, I officially had a moment. I accepted my responsibility for my not so positive attitude lately. This past week has been a blur and it’s partially because the pregnancy (18 weeks, YAY!!) has been putting me through it. But the other has been my attitude. I recently told a family member that taking accountability for our own situations is SO necessary.

Everyday we wake up with expectations of others. We expect our partners to lift us up when we are down. We expect our friends to listen when we need to vent. We expect our leaders to guide us through our tasks. But what are we expecting from ourselves? Can we say we give ourselves the same love and listening ears we expect our relationships to give us? Or are we putting the responsibility on someone else?

My attitude has been grade B (insert expletive here). I’ve managed to smile and TRY to be positive. But in reality, I know for a fact I have fallen short. I let temporary issues dictate my reality. As if those bills will last forever. Or better yet – as if I didn’t know that God would provide no matter how grim it looked. I’ve allowed myself to wallow in my doubt. And let’s be honest, staying down in the pits is sometimes a lot easier than praying & working your way out.

I said all of that to simply say, you are responsible for how you allow your circumstances to make you feel. Just like we place blame on others when things aren’t going right, we have to acknowledge & accept our roles in our truths. Holding ourselves accountable is a daily task. Hell, hourly task if I’m honest. But if you can recognize your part, you’re that much closer to being a better you. The “You” God has called you to be.

Life is Such…A Great Lesson Learned,

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