She Is Victorious Like God and Blessed

Cairo Nichelle Gwendolyn Roberson. Victorious (Cairo) Like God (Nichelle) and Blessed (Gwendolyn). Well, technically Gwen means blessed but hey, I’ll take it. If you haven’t guessed it – I had my daughter yall! She graced us with her presence on July 21st @ 1:04pm. Initially I was scheduled to start the induction process on the 21st, however, my daughter decided to wake me up on the 20th at 2am with consistent contractions. Clearly she was on her own schedule lol.

One of her many expressions

Motherhood has changed me so much and I am just getting started. I wake up at all hours of the night to feed my little one and every time I am in awe of her. No words could ever truly describe how I feel about my child. God literally created life inside of me and I carried her. I find myself trying to picture her inside my belly. Or wondering if she made these same faces when she was in utero lol. Because believe me – she has faces for days. Cairo is a whole mood yall. This little baby lights up the room. It’s weird because I gave her life for almost 10 months, and I am breastfeeding so her whole life still depends on me. Yet, she gives me life. She carries me through the days and lifts me when I’m low. And when I am ready to kill her father for sleeping so peacefully at 2am, she reminds me that she is half of him and I instantly want to love on him for that. I believe Cairo created a new love for my fiancé. I realize that without him, there legit is no her. And for her, I am forever grateful for this man.

As our new family continues along our journey, I am praying for our health, committment to one another, unconditional love, and trust. Things haven’t been easy for us so far. But we are making it and God has legit made a way every time we needed him. So I will not worry about what is to come. Instead, I am learning to live each moment and live it wholeheartedly. Cairo is so young but I swear it feels like I just had her last week. Everyone says how quickly time flies, and I am in disbelief that 2 months have already passed. Pretty soon she’ll be crawling and walking around. And I’ll be saying “No Cairo, play with this instead”. Whew. I am someone’s mother. I am blessed to be HER mother.

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