Day 3: Another Day

Meh. This is how I’ve been feeling today. Nothing special, nothing to dwell on. Just another day. But as I am typing this up, I’m starting to recap. And there is no such thing as just another day right? Like at some point, I know that there was a lesson learned or something of mention.

Yesterday I wrote about crazy faith and how it may look insane to others. I was talking to my cousin and telling him about my conclusion of my crazy faith today and it was odd saying it aloud. Like “do I sound as crazy as I feel?” So I’m asking y’all, do I sound as crazy as I feel? I mean, I already know that I’m not following this path to impress anyone or prove anything. So how I look to everyone else isn’t really of my concern. I’m strictly doing this for my God given purpose which is to share Christ. With that said, today will be a short post. We’ll see how tomorrow goes.

God bless y’all!

4 thoughts on “Day 3: Another Day

  1. There is that space in between the unknowing, I live there, I gain strength there. You are gaining strength there. It feels uneasy to trust your spirit the unseen when we are so used to trusting what we see and what we have before us. God has got you covered and go where God leaves you. You have to have crazy faith to accomplish the extraordinary. I am standing in the gap with you. Infinite love to you♥️


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