Day 5: Consistency

Whew journaling is getting kind of hard y’all. Who ever would have thought consistency could be so difficult? When I was a teenager, my best friend and I used say how come we couldn’t get the 3 c’s from the guys we liked. Consistency, Cute, and whatever that last one was. Well I have the answer – consistency is a whole job! No but really, many times we begin things (such as a journal) and after a few days, maybe even weeks, we fall off track.

I’ve always been a person who moved on a whim. I never really liked being tied down to anything or anyone for too long. I needed the freedom to shake and move without having to worry about someone else. Come to think of it, I’ve spent most of my adulthood with this mindset. Some people say it’s an astrology thing. I’m a Sagittarius and by astrology standards we are the most noncommittal sign. While I fit the bill, I don’t know if that’s the reason or if it’s because I never trusted anyone or anything to stick around for long. Which is ironic because I’ve had the same set of friends for almost 2 decades and the newer ones have been around for at least 5 years. Now if you ask me about a romantic relationship you’ll get the complete opposite. I’m sure I’ll dig deeper into that during a therapy session one day.

Anyway, I said all of that to simply say – keeping this journal and blogging it consistently has been a journey of its own and I’m just getting started. Like I was so busy today y’all. I had a training class this morning until 1pm, and once that was over I immediately delve into tasks that needed to be completed. Truth be told, I was handling some of my business during training. So imagine how I feel at 9pm while I put my infant to sleep. I want to collapse right next to her and enjoy some shut eye before I have to feed her again. But instead, I am writing this blog. I made a commitment to you guys, myself, and most importantly God to complete this daily.

I’m praying that keeping this journal via blog will not only help me, but help other believers/nonbelievers alike. I’ve been told that all it takes is for one person to plant a seed, and it can grow into something amazing. Maybe this spiritual journal will be the seed for one of my readers. Even if it’s just one, that’s enough for me. My sole purpose is to do my part in bringing others to Christ. To debunk the idea that Christians are these uptight, judgmental, hypocritical people. I want people to see that I am not perfect. I have a problem being consistent and writing this blog everyday is a challenge for me regardless of if I feel like it’s God telling me to do it. I want them to know that I can be disobedient sometimes and that I suffer the consequences of my disobedience just like anyone else. I want people to know that regardless of my suffering, I am still going to persevere and push forward because I know there is something greater on the other side of this journey. Some days may be long and it can be hard. But because I am pushing through, staying consistent, and following where my Spirit leads as far as this blog goes, that my blessing will be worth it. Big or small, it is always worth it.

Allow me to re-introduce myself – my name is LaQuisha and I can be inconsistent, stubborn, disobedient, and despite all of those things, God still provides everyday. From the roof over my head to my daughter sleeping peacefully in my arms, my inconsistent butt is blessed. 5 days down, a lifetime of journaling to go.

2 thoughts on “Day 5: Consistency

  1. It’s definitely not a Sagg thing, cause here I am suffering through the same things. Always looking for excuses for why I’m not doing things God has put on my heart to do. The struggle is real!


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