Day 34: Forever 29 – Happy Birthday To Me!

At 29 years of age I have acquired 3 things: a fiancé, a baby, and debt lol.

I was speaking to my cousin a few days ago and I told her that although I am in a complete state of the unknown, I was at peace because I felt like I’m right where I need to be. I need to be still. I need to be open to all that God has for me. I need to be the best me.

I believe I mentioned that I was doing a devotional excerpt from Priscilla Shirer’s book. Along with that, I am also doing a devotional called “Know Your Why”. These two together was life changing. One confirmed that my obedience to God is all that he’s asking of me. The other taught me that while I’m being obedient & listening to God’s voice, I need to utilize my gifts to be of service to God. These two lessons were exactly what I needed to encourage me along this journey.

Another thing that had me in “I got this” mode is this blog my cousin sent me. This bog was about a woman who quit her job because God told her to. She talks about how she had to learn to adjust her life accordingly. She and her husband were living off one income and she too found herself in the dumps every once in a while. That was all the confirmation I needed.

As crazy as year 28 has been – from pregnancy, giving birth, and not working for the last 6 months, I know that this year was one for the books. I took a bible study course earlier this year that told me to soar. It taught me that God treats us like little eaglets learning their way. He’ll provide for us and care for us but when the time comes, He’ll start shaking things up causing us to be in uncomfortable spaces. Being uncomfortable is part of the growing process. It’s something we have to go through in order to move from a state of complacency God no longer wants us to be in. I should’ve known then that the 2nd half of this year was going to be a roller coaster ride.

All in all, I am grateful for what I learned this past year. I’m here for every bump in the road and every lesson learned. I’m encouraged and excited to see what 29 will bring.

Cheers to the last year of my roaring 20’s!

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