A Birthing Story

When you find out you’re expecting a new baby you go through a slew of emotions. There’s the scared sh*tless, then excitement, maybe some anxiety, and then all of the other feelings that could be mentioned. You go through your pregnancy and by the time the 9th month comes rolling around, you are beyond over it. The baby has weighed you down and caused discomfort in ways unimaginable. At this point, the eviction of little bo beep is within near sight. So imagine going to your OB appointment on Friday and hearing “You’re 38 weeks & only 2cm dilated.” TOTAL BUMMER!

Fortunately baby Roberson #2 decided to surprise us the next day and my water broke early Sunday morning around 2am. We didn’t rush to the hospital but we did go in around 4am. After about 6 hours of labor and finally getting to 6 cm dilation, my husband and I realized something wasn’t right. We could hear our baby girls heart rate dropping with every contraction. The nurses tried different methods to change her position and give her some breathing room, but my doctor decided a cesarean was our best bet. Once we started the surgery, my OB confirmed that the umbilical cord had wrapped around my daughters neck twice which was causing her heart rate to fluctuate.

I thank God for us being at the hospital and closely monitored as we were. Who knows when the umbilical cord started wrapping around her or what could have happened had we not been at the hospital. Thankfully surgery went well and we were able to take a breather.

Before we were discharged on Wednesday, we had taken note that my blood pressure was slightly elevated so I knew I needed to watch it once I got home. Well on Thursday evening I checked my BP and it was still pretty high. After receiving another high reading on Friday morning, I called my OB and they confirmed that I should return to the hospital for monitoring. Turns out I developed postpartum preeclampsia and I’ve been hospitalized since Friday afternoon.

I almost didn’t call the doctors on Friday. I had a follow up scheduled for the following week so I figured I’d be fine waiting. I now realize how often that we, as women, ignore or downplay our health issues. We get caught up in taking care of everyone else that we are often left forgotten. I didn’t think my bp would be that high but my spirit kept telling me to check it. My doctors and nurses had the right mind to give me a cesarean even though they knew I was totally against it. Too often we too busy or too caught up. We have to learn to listen! God guides us through this thing called life and all we have to do is listen & be obedient.

I am grateful. My family and I are expecting for me to go home today with medication to maintain and we are hopeful that this is a short lived disease. While I miss my babies like crazy, I am so thankful for my support system. The hospital staff have been amazing and gone above & beyond for my husband and I. Marlon has been by my side since the moment we found out I would be admitted. My MIL has been home with our babies taking care of them. And my family back home in Kansas have offered to make trips and arrangements to be able to assist. Not to mention the calls, texts, etc. to check on us & the girls. Preeclampsia is real. Listen to your bodies. Be aware of the changes you feel and most importantly, BE HONEST. Sometimes you have to be your own advocate. And sometimes we have to let someone else advocate for us. Prayers for all of the pregnant/postpartum mommies! Love you guys!

7 thoughts on “A Birthing Story

  1. Amen, thanks be to God, our Lord and Savior! I love that you blogged on this matter. Yes, we as women do need to take care of ourselves just as we care for our loved one’s. Please speak up if you feel something isn’t right within your body. If your nurse or doctor doesn’t take the matter seriously, find one that will. Advocate for your mental, physical and emotional health because it is truly your wealth!


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