What’s Next America?

I usually don’t do this but uhh….

CONGRATULATIONS PRESIDENT ELECT JOE BIDEN & VICE PRESIDENT ELECT KAMALA HARRIS! Y’all after 4 long years we finally have someone with experience, someone who can put aside their petty ways, and prayerfully someone with a higher moral compass than what we’ve been dealing with. Now I am not a person who typically shares my political views via social media or any public platform. I believe in the right to privacy in such matters and I haven’t posted anything regarding the election. But this?! This is a WIN!

Every little black, brown, red, or however you label yourself girl has hope because of today. As a young child who grew up seeing nothing but white men in positions of power, can you imagine what it’s like to see the progressive movements by having not only a black president in my lifetime but a WOMAN of COLOR in the White House in position that’s one step down from what is considered the most powerful position in the world? What a time to be alive. What a time to pray for change and do the work to see it come to fruition. What a way to end our hard lived 2020. I’m so overjoyed that I’m having a hard time articulating my thoughts. It’s just so…..amazing.

I know a lot of Christians have expressed their dislike or inability to support President Elect Joe Biden due to his policies on abortion, gay rights, etc. but my question to them is what about the moral compass God put on us to live by his word in whole? He didn’t say live by certain parts. And that means he wants us to love his people of color. He wants us to treat our Hispanic brothers and sisters with respect and love regardless of how they got to the U.S. God would want us to preach what we live and that means to preach love not hate. For 4 years people of color have endured nothing but hate and threats to take away rights our ancestors died for. We’ve felt threatened because our President was too caught up in pleasing his supporters & personal agenda and threw people of color by the wayside. We as a group have come too far to feel that way. Too far to feel our lives didn’t matter at the hands of our so called leader.

I’m not saying Biden is perfect or saying he’s our savior. I know better and I would never put man on a pedestal. I do believe however, that this is a new beginning. A time to heal and give love to those who don’t love us. I’m not going to give out that same hate we’ve been given and you shouldn’t either. Let’s show what it means to love God by being an example. Every man will have their day in front of our Lord to explain themselves. And while I’m not perfect, I do plan to wholeheartedly say I lived a life of love and am a light of Jesus Christ who shines and lives within me.

God bless America.

One thought on “What’s Next America?

  1. Do it we gotta stay focused now. Eyes wide open! I never thought I would be so involved in politics til 45 came into office. I wasn’t really there with O’bama. Sorry no offense Barack O’Bama!


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