Thirty & Thriving

Going into a new decade, I decided to enter my 30’s purposefully and as clear headed as I can be. This past decade has been nothing short of amazing. I was able to live life fully in my early to mid 20’s and decade is ending with a whole family. 2 amazing baby girls and a husband later, I know my 30’s will have so much more in store.

Although I’ve had some great times, I have to be honest with y’all. I was down about coming into 30. I’m having to mourn relationships that I had no intentions of losing & it’s been hard on me lately. See, when I make a friend – and I mean a real friend. Not the chick you met at the club and now y’all are all of a sudden besties because y’all both turned up to Megan Thee Stallion’s latest hit. I mean people who have been in my life for years and I’ve told my real life stories to. People who I thought I would raise my kids around and have auntie play dates. This isn’t easy for me. When I make friends I like to keep them around for a lifetime. But God sometimes has other plans and although I don’t understand it and while it may hurt, I have no choice but to accept it. I woke up on Monday determined to enter my 30’s with gratitude and at peace with what God has blessed me thus far, looking forward to what’s ahead. So I set out to make amends and clear my conscience with those who were on my heart. Then, God told me that I have to let go. I’ve done all I could for and there is no need to address anything further. So with prayer, I set out to change my perspective.

I’m not one of those people who believe in the stars and all of that jazz. I am simple. What’s meant to be will be because God’s plan will always prevail. Who am I to ignore his plan? As a person who believes the tongue is a mighty weapon, I can’t walk into this new decade full of promise and shatter it with an ungrateful heart or misunderstood tongue. I have to be purposeful in my words, thoughts, and actions. Everything has a consequence and I’m praying for positive outcomes all up and down 30 & onward.

With that said – HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Cheers to life of purpose. Life in abundance. Life in gratitude. Letting go of things I cannot change and working diligently on those I can. And as a gift to me, I ask that you spread love & kindness today.

Love y’all for the support thus far and I look forward to sharing the next year with you guys in tow.

4 thoughts on “Thirty & Thriving

  1. May God’s peace, understanding, and love be with you. There’s nothing that makes life more worthwhile than knowing you are at peace through whatever occurs. When we lose people that we care so deeply about it hurts. Know that God will replace the loss with understanding by and by. Go gracefully into your next chapter, praying for your success!

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