Anyone who has ever attended a wedding can just guess how much work, time, and money was spent to make it a memorable day. What people don’t tell you is how much blood, sweat, and tears they aren’t able to keep count of. For the last 6 months I have been all things wedding. Given that we had originally planned it for July, 2020, I had already had the big things covered. You know, the venue, colors, catering, etc. I did have to find a new photographer due to my original having to cancel for personal reasons (which I totally understand). So now that we are literally 2 weeks away from the big celebration, I am counting down the hours lol. It’s funny because Marlon and I are already married but we refused to lose out on the money we had already spent, therefore, this celebration is nothing but a VERY expensive party. But I know it will be more than worth it. Priceless memories are about to be made.

So let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Marlon sucks at wedding planning yall. From save the dates to rounding up his guys for the wedding rehearsal – the man is useless lol. At first I was super frustrated with him and feeling like I was ready to say forget the whole thing but then I soon came to realize that this is a popular thing amongst engaged men. Once they give their lady the ring, everything else wedding related is of none of their concern. Needless to say, I got over his nonchalant disposition and I’m kind of happy that I get to have all the say in certain areas. For all of my fiancé’s out there – don’t kill your man sis. Let that man be and plan your wedding exactly how you see fit. Once I adopted the – “it’s my day” attitude, I stopped caring so much for Marlon to participate. Planning isn’t his thing and he could care less what color the tablecloths will be. The one thing that I know he is super concerned about is the music. The man has such a particular taste in music and I swear it’s going to be impossible to keep him happy all night. With that said, he has his options for the entrance music and a few other cuts that we share but everything else will be guest vibes (and my turn up). The DJ has been forewarned that Marlon will not be happy with 90 percent of the music selection lol.

I have to give a shout out to my husband’s family. They are THE TRUTH! The wedding planner, caterer, photographer, and I’m almost sure my cake will be handled by his family. Tell me that aint a whole vibe yall? All they need is bomb building and they legit got an event service up and running. Here are a few of the family businesses yall should definitely check out:
Sam I Am Catering: Sam I Am Catering Co. | Facebook
Eka’s Sweets: Eka’s Sweets | Facebook
Ralphiel Photography: Raphielphotography Irvin | Facebook

Here’s a little preview of my centerpieces just so yall can see how amazing Marlon’s aunts are at this crafting thing.

There are a few more people who I would like to mention but I will wait until after the wedding so you guys can see their work. Let me tell yall – the work is AMAZING.

One thing that I learned during this wedding process is everyone can’t and won’t be there for the big wins. Two people in my bridal party opted not to be there. One was because she’s expecting a beautiful baby boy any day now and I completely understand that. As a mom who had 2 kids back to back, I was the first to tell her to kick her feet up and let the wedding go. She was way more adamant and stubborn about coming. The woman tried to get induced so she could be there for my big day and I love her forever for her efforts. But babygirl, stay at home (in my B Simone voice) lol. The other woman chose not to be present for reasons unknown. It definitely hurt my feelings but as time has passed, I’ve come to terms with it. People have their reasons and I had to accept that for what it was. I’m in a couple of wedding groups on Facebook and if you are in any group you already know how crazy people can get. I’ve read horror stories about the entire wedding party fighting and the bridal party being the worst. I’m happy and more than content with the remaining 4 women. No added stress is best.

Of course I will be posting another blog after the wedding to go into detail and give any tips that I can come up with for all my future brides. I’ll also post photos so I can share some precious moments with you all. Let’s Get Married!!!!!

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