A God-Idea

Sometimes God will show up and show out to the point where it shocks you and leaves you on stuck. That is me on this day! Yall, let me tell you! As yall know, I was on a podcast for a years time back in 2018-2019. I disconnected from that particular venture after having Cairo. So that was about 1.5 years ago. Since then I have thought about podcasting but I really didn’t take the idea seriously. For one, who would want to listen to me talk for 10+ minutes? And two, how would I even begin. That last question is absurd considering that the Queenin Podcast was literally recorded in a closet for like the first 2 episodes lol. If anyone knows where to start, sis, it would be me. But that thing called imposter syndrome will pysche you out every time. The last thing that was discouraging was the fact that I wasn’t sure what to talk about. I wanted a theme or something to hold me to a regime so I’m not out here just willy nilly recording crap.

So after all this time has passed, I started thinking more seriously about the podcasting idea for myself. I even posted a facebook status about how much I missed it. It brought me a sense of peace, some purpose. Keeping the Life Is Such blog going has also brought me those things but in a different way. I still feel that God has me blogging for a reason so this is not to take away from this experience in any way. As a matter of fact, without the blog, I wouldn’t be this excited.

Here’s to the big God-idea. Recently, WordPress has partnered with Anchor to host and release blogs as podcasts. WOW right? I mean, how much more “in your face” can God be right now? Marlon always told me to start my own podcast whenever I would mention it and I made excuses. Now what could the excuse be? I’m not ready? I don’t know what to say? I’m too afraid? Nah. I’m not using any of those. I’m about to make this happen! I ran a test trial on one of the blog posts today and I am impressed. I can honestly say that this is probably the first time in a long while that I have been so excited about my blog.

Oh, but wait, I forgot one other piece that ties this whole God-idea together. A couple of posts back, https://lifeissuch.com/2021/02/21/its-the-god-for-me/, I mentioned someone encouraging me to grow and be better. Her first suggestion was to create an audio to go with the Life Is Such blog. BAM! She had told me to do exactly what this new partnership between WordPress and Anchor is offering. Tell me this isn’t God’s work yall? I mean, coincidence is one thing but for this to line up like it has just within this past month HAS TO BE GOD AND GOD ALONE. Somebody shout for me real quick.

I’m so excited that I already purchased the equipment for me to start recording. I posted the two mics I looked into below. The more expensive mic comes with headphones and hopefully better sound quality. I’ve learned that it definitely helps to have headphones while recording. Therefore, I bought the usb mic from Amazon and it’s arrived! I also would like to play around with Anchor a bit more before the wedding so I can get to know their system. I should be well on my way to within the next few weeks. Messing with me and my excitement, I might get started beforehand. When God says to do something, you listen. I’m not trying to block not nan one of my blessings. Do you hear me?!

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