Married two Times


The day finally came! We did it! Well technically we got married July 14, 2020 but that was minimal compared to the big ceremony we had a few weeks ago. To recap – Marlon and I were originally supposed to get married July 19, 2020 but with the pandemic, we had to move it to March 14, 2021. I knew Marlon had been patiently waiting to marry me (haha) and I him. I woke up on a random Monday in July and started the process. It took way more energy than I thought it would considering half the county clerks’ offices were closed or full with appointments for all of July. We finally found an opening in Galveston so we planned to drive out that following day. You guys can guess the rest, we drove out, applied, and the rest is history. We were married!

This wedding ceremony/celebration was supposed to be just that. We really didn’t have any expectations besides having a good time with our family and friends. Turns out we got SO MUCH MORE. God has a funny way of pressing the reset button and making changes we didn’t even know were necessary. For me, it was having a trusted minister, a man who we know believes in Christ marry us. Our officiant and his wife also did our pre-marital counseling back in June so it was fitting to have him marry us. This “small” change made all the difference in our minds. It was like God himself was standing there joining us together instead of our minister. Marlon mentioned that this was a game changer for him also.

The post wedding mindset worked out in my favor. When Marlon and I married 9 months ago, we didn’t experience the honeymoon phase or anything of the sort. Our life went on per usual only we were officially joined together legally. Marlon’s entire mindset changed after our big ceremony. He had this whole honeymoon phase going where I could do no wrong and get it whatever I wanted. High key – I would put my wedding dress on everyday if I could get that kind of reaction every time. We did spend a couple of nights at the wonderful Lancaster Hotel downtown and will plan a big honeymoon trip at a later date.

Now to the fun part – everything was beyond beautiful! Of course the day started off with a few hiccups. I mean, it just wouldn’t be right if it was absolutely perfect…right? Makeup ran a few minutes late (and this is in no fault to my MUA), my sister woke up to her rental being towed, and of course it rained on my outdoor ceremony plans. However, I still feel like the day ran smoothly and way too fast. My makeup artist rolled with the punches and she made me feel more beautiful than I have ever felt.

I could absolutely go on & on about the ceremony & reception but it would take an entire book to properly describe everything. In short, it was a dream. Shoutout to my trusted vendors who did not disappoint! They’re listed below if you’re interested. They come HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Sam I Am Catering: Sam I Am Catering Co. | Facebook
Eka’s Sweets: Home | Eka’s Sweets (
Ralphiel Photography: Raphielphotography Irvin | Facebook
Sip-N-Beauty: Sip-N-Beauty (@sip_n_beauty) • Instagram photos and videos
LazyEye/Brandon Hill Artist: Brandon Hill | Facebook
DJ Lil Ron: DJ Lil Ron/ CEO of THGE LLC (@djlilron) • Instagram photos and video

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